Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Zombies - Tag der Toten (Lighthouse and Surrounding Areas)

The lighthouse in Tag der Toten, as well as its annex and an attached ice cavern. When power was off, we used a mix of sunlight and skylight for the lighthouse; the early morning sun was a very saturated orange, and the sky was a deep saturated purple. That allowed me to play with the two different colors inside the lighthouse to create a sense of direction and contrast. The annex was more in direct sunlight, which I used to help illuminate some important easter eggs and workbences for the player. Finally, we had an ice cavern attached to the lighthouse. Under the water we had more Element 115 growing, so I used that as the primary light source to create a creepy blue light that complemented the icy environment.

I was responsible for lighting, reflection probe setup, tuning atmospheric and exposure settings, conveying the mood and story of the scene, and creating multiple lighting states for in game events. I communicated with concept, design, and environment teams to ensure the gameplay and narrative were being supported by lighting. I coordinated with the FX team to make sure exposure settings and atmospherics were supporting effects, and worked with tech art to help optimize the level while still reaching our visual target.